An equine educational youth program about horses.

Member News

You are a member if you are under 21 years old and have enrolled in one of the Educational Levels or earned an ASIYP Achievement Badge.

While our purpose was, and still is, to educate youth about the American Saddlebred horse, our goal is to make our educational materials and badges appealing to all young horse enthusiasts, including those who are currently involved with other breeds and disciplines. We have modified some of the materials slightly to help accomplish this goal. We want to provide information about the American Saddlebred to all youth but we also feel that it is good for Saddlebred youth to be well rounded in their knowledge of horses of all breeds. We also want to make our educational and fun activities and programs open to youth around the world who love horses and what they provide for us.

We would be glad to hear from any of you if you have suggestions or questions. We are currently mailing information about ASIYP to Saddlebred Youth Clubs and ASHA Charter clubs. We also plan to reach out to other groups and breed associations this summer.