An equine educational youth program about horses.

The ASIYP Letter

ASIYP Letter The ASIYP Letter is chenille on a felt background in the shape of a horsehead, is similar to a school athletic or club letter and is only awarded to members who have completed the following requirements.

  • Complete Levels I, II and III of ASIYP.
  • Complete six (6) ASIYP Achievement Badges including Horsemanship, Stable Management and Junior Judging.
  • Describe how you are involved with horses - what style of riding you do, what you do with it (showing, trail riding, etc.), what form of competition you have participated in, what you plan on doing with your riding in the future and what you feel horses have done for you plus your best experiences with horses.
  • Participate in two or more of the following activities: Hippology Contest, Horse Bowl Contest, 4-H Project, ASIYP Activity Contest or ASHA Youth Conference.
  • Submit 25 Horse Bowl questions with answers and sources. (See sample below)
  • Create a Hippology Station (include sources). (See sample below)
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship, helpfulness and a true love of horses. Include one or more letters from your riding instructor, stable owner, show manager or judge, parent or other adult who is familiar with your equine activities.
  • Describe how you feel you can continue to promote the American Saddlebred in your area.
  • Document your involvement in stable management, public or private. Know how to care for a horse, a stall, etc. Describe other responsibilities you have or have helped with (i.e. trail guide, help with lessons, etc.)
  • Write a report on an equine related subject or topic that either interests or disturbs you.


Michelle Phillips

Kerri McDaniel

Corie Allen

Lissy Wedell

Courtney Ball
Courtney Ball My name is Courtney Ball and I am 13 years old. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. My achievements with the American Saddlebred have included finishing all of the ASIYP levels, receiving my ASIYP letter, finishing Saddle Time, finishing the ASIYP badges, participating in the ASIYP competition and receiving three first places, and receiving the ASHA Youth 13 and under high point award for three years in a row. I am also very active at my barn and in my barnís youth club. I ride and show my horse Zeus a.k.a. Chaka Zulu under the direction of Marcia Everett at Bridleway Stables. I show Zeus in Open English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor and love him very much!