An equine educational youth program about horses.

Tax Deductable Donations to ASIYP help the horse industry and youth equestrian activities!

The ASIYP program was created by Melinda and Carleton Huntoon (Huntoon Stables) of North Aurora, IL and was established with a grant from the American Saddlebred Horse Association. The program operates in cooperation with ASHA, which provides promotional support. 

ASIYP is set up as an Illinois Not For Profit Corporation. No profits are shared with any individuals or groups, as there truly are no profits generated. The ASHA grant covered the initial developement and printing costs for the Educational Levels and the fees charged for the Levels cover reprinting and mailing costs. The Achievement Badges have all been developed with donated funds from private individuals and stables and are also self-sustaining as the fees charged for the Badges cover their replacement.

ASIYP has several new Achievement Badges waiting to be introduced when donations are received to cover their initial production cost. A donation of $300. will enable a badge to be produced for the first time and it will be available perpetually from that time on. If you donate this amount to initiate a new Badge, your name will be associated with the badge for the lifetime of the badge. If you prefer, you may make the donation in honor of a favorite horse or other appropriate entity.

Unrestricted donations will go into the general fund and be used to help fund other ASIYP activities such as Hippology Contests, Photo and Art Contests and our Annual Competition.

ASIYP is a recognized 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and all donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. If you wish to donate to ASIYP to help support its efforts to promote involvement with horses and related activities, safety around horses, good basic horse care and riding skills, please submit the following on-line form.

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